CD Halloween Tales by Jonathan Kruk


Children crave spooky, but not too scary stories.  This recording delivers the ghostly goods without the nightmares. Kids actively listen, jump and giggle with knot-nosed goblins, the haunted hand and and a rolly head.  Find out what happens if you wander into a cemetery. Meet the witch who puts happy into Halloween. Performed with varied voices, bewitching howls by Master Storyteller Jonathan Kruk.

Parents Choice Silver Award
Washington Irving's well-known story of Ichabod Crane (a school teacher who competes with the community bruiser, Abraham "Brom Bones" Van Brunt, for the attentions of the daughter of a wealthy farmer) has many twists and turns peppered with a headless horseman and other dramatic characters. Written in 1790, Irving's syntax and descriptive narration can be challenging in places, but this oral rendition enriches and complements the original version to the point where a "school assignment" could turn into a welcome pleasure. Most students encounter this classic story only through the printed pages of textbooks, storybooks, or anthologies. Here, master storyteller Jonathan Kruk delivers the story as an audio book, with colorful eloquence backed by orchestral radiance. While remaining true to Irving's original text, Kruk boosts the story's energy through his highly skilled reading. Even those who are already familiar with this well-known literary classic will revel in this spirited presentation.