The O'Reilly Factor 


While doing an afternoon show at the Old Dutch church for a school group, my wife Andrea Sadler,

had just brought the group of students over when she noticed a film crew near the Headless Horseman statue in Sleepy Hollow.  She inquired what they were doing and they said they were doing a special on Sleepy Hollow.  Andrea told them that I was the expert and they later came over to interview me at the church in October 2014.

CBS Sunday Morning


Jonathan Kruk is interviewed about the tradition of storytelling on CBS Sunday Morning in 2012.  My wife, Andrea and I created the event for them to film at our lake with our friends and local community.


Fieldstone Common


Listen in to Fieldstone Common with host Marian Pierre-Louis who talks

to Jonathan Kruk, author of  Legends and Lore of Sleepy Hollow and the Hudson Valley.

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