"The Legend" for Schools

an interactive performance, primary source writing workshops

When Washington Irving published The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in 1819, the story became wildly popular. A romance of an unfortunate Connecticut schoolmaster chased by the galloping headless Hessian, gave readers the first literary portrait of Americans. Now, the headless horseman is iconic worldwide. Featured in movies, video games, haunted hay rides, plays and even as a dramatic reading with special effects by, bring it alive in your school.

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your performance this year. The students also liked the skits of the writing workshop. I asked each of my classes for feedback, and they all said you were terrific! They especially enjoyed your interaction with the audience during the storytelling performance in addition to your enthusiasm while telling the story. Many kids kept repeating, “Sleeeeeepy Hahllooow.“ Kate Macsisak, 8th Gr Teacher Hamburg, PA.

GOALS: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, a 12,000 word American classic, becomes a rollicking interactive jump tale and source for using primary sources for students fourth grade to High School. This lively telling with character voices will encant and educate.

Students will get references to early American life, and the American Revolution. 

Your students will experience and better understand why this story is a classic.


Performance (45 minutes): A powerful theatrical workshop retelling of The Legend in period garb. Students gallop along with Ichabod Crane to better grasp this romantic ghostly classic. 


Workshops (40 minutes)

The workshop has two parts. First, with the help of about ten students, the sources of the story are revealed in a skit, complete with a headless horseman cape and “chase” of Ichabod. Then, students choose a source and are guided in writing their own version of the story. Primary sources include; a newspaper article, interview, first hand account, folk tale, war journal, local customs and a borrowed story.


Please contact me to tailor The Legend to your school. 




Children crave spooky stories, but don't really want scary stuff.   This highly engaging program for enchants children in schools, libraries or festivals. 


Kids will actively listen, giggle and jump encountering  knot-nosed goblins, the haunted hand and the witch who puts happy into Halloween. Each performance gets tailored to the audience. Selections may include:

- a free adaptation of Linda Williams' book "The Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything" 

- Bony Legs - a creepy tale for older kids adapted from Johanna Coles book

- Rolly Head - a nasty fellow seems to lose his head on Halloween!

- The Shhhhmmmmooooooze!

- Caught in the Cemetery on Halloween is an original true trick or treat tale

- Traditional spooky folk and fairy tales.


A study guide provides learning activities to meet common core standards.  


Shows run about 40-50 minutes.  Contact for a performance proposal.

jonathankruk@gmail.com  845.216.9087


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